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24 Ways to Use Popular Words in your Blog Name and Still Be Unique

Some words are perfectly suited to be part of a blog’s name. It just describes who the blogger is or aspires to be perfectly. ‘Fashionista’ is a good example. But how do you make your blog stand out from all the others who sound so similar?

Although numerous other blogs already use the same word in their name, you can still be creative in coming up with something that is truly unique and relevant to your blog or yourself.

Fashionista Blog Names

If you want some ideas, just take a look at how these 24 fashion bloggers stake their claim to be a fashionista in their own way:

Meaningful & Memorable Names

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to carve your own niche, from focusing on your environment (college), an item of clothing (high heels), your character (fearless), your body shape (curvy), where you live (Boston) or even the color of your hair (red head).

This naming strategy can be applied to any topic and isn’t limited to fashion. Foodies, gamers, moms, vegans, runners, or any type of blogger can use this approach to come up with a catchy and cool name.

Blog Domain Naming

One of the problems of finding a great blog name is being able to get the matching domain name. A lot of new bloggers get stuck here and it often leads to a frustrating conclusion that all the good names are taken already.

If you browse through the names above, there are a few things you’ll notice. And if you adopt the domain naming approach which some of these bloggers take, it could make your life a lot easier.

  1. Matching .com – if possible, the ideal option is to go with the .com domain extension that matches the name (ie
  2. Hyphenated .com – if your first choice is not available, one alternative is to use the hyphenated version of the .com domain (ie
  3. Adding a ‘The’ to the name – if you don’t like hyphens and want to stick with a .com, a good solution is to prefix your chosen name with a ‘The’ (ie
  4. Go with a .Net – although none of the blogs listed above needed to, another option is to use a different domain name extension, such as a .Net.

Need more inspiration? Check out how these brands got their names, or these 35 examples of awesome food blog names.

A Selection of 35 Food Blogs with Creative, Clever, Catchy, Quirky and Unique Names

If you’re trying to learn about blog naming to figure out what makes a good name, you should pick up lots of insights from the following list of food blog names.

On top of listing good examples of meaningful and memorable names, there are also a handful of names that don’t quite work.

  1. Inspired Edibles – Can’t fault this – makes you want to take a peek.
  2. Smitten Kitchen – Awesome – Rhymes and alliterations automatically give names an edge.
  3. Pinch My Salt – Very nice indeed. Try to emulate the genius in this name if you can.
  4. Picky Palate – Good name – nothing more nothing less.
  5. Bread and Beta – This has the makings of a catchy name, but somehow it’s not as perfect as it could be.
  6. Communal Table – A suitable two word compound for a food blog – try to make one of these up if you can.
  7. Accidental Epicurean – If you’ve got a way with words, this is a creative way to let your audience know you’re a foodie.
  8. Feeding My Tribe – Makes you want to know how many this blogger has to feed in her family.
  9. Food Blogga – Not sure what to make of this – some people will like it, others not so much.
  10. A Spoonful of Sugar – The double S’s make this an even sweeter name.
  11. Insanewiches – You can see the intention but the blend doesn’t produce a good result. Just too much of a mouthful.
  12. Always Crave Cute – All it takes is one word to make the connection with food.
  13. A Dash of Sass – Use a cooking related term for subtlety – it can be a dash, a sprinkling or whatever takes you fancy.
  14. Cupcakes Take The Cake – If you don’t mind a long name, you can give yourself a lot more room to be expressive.
  15. Chocolate & Zucchini – Not the first combination that jumps to mind, but after seeing this name, it makes you wonder.
  16. Blogging Over Thyme – Good puns normally make great names. Just don’t force it too much and try to keep it meaningful.
  17. Back to the Basics – This is a popular phrase but the name could refer to a lot of topics so it’s not a super fab name.
  18. Lick The Bowl Good – How can you not like this? Well, only if you don’t like names that are too long.
  19. About Foood – This looks more unique than it sounds. Leaves you in no doubt as to what the blog is about.
  20. Hangry Pants – If possible, try to keep it simple. This name obviously tries to be creative but it doesn’t quite come off.
  21. Taste and Tell – Brilliant. 3 words but still only 3 syllables and yet it’s full of meaning.
  22. The Parsley Thief – This will stop and make people take notice of it. Quirky names are great when you can pull it off.
  23. Dude you going to eat that? – Catchy but quite a challenge to type the full name.
  24. Lovin’ from the Oven – Food blogs that don’t use the word food in their names are normally much better.
  25. Cookbook Love – Not spectacular but not bad either. If fact, it’s pretty okay.
  26. Art of Cooking – An example of a nice and simple name that gets straight to the point.
  27. Delicious Days – If in doubt, use two alliterative words, especially if one of them makes you salivate.
  28. Yumzup – One of the best uniquely made up words for a food blog.
  29. How To Cook That – Cook what? A name that catches your audience’s attention and makes them want to know more is a winner.
  30. Healthy Tipping Point – Descriptive names can be a bit boring but they get the message across.
  31. Food for Thought – Popular phrases that are relevant will always work, but there may be others who are already using it.
  32. Picnic Basket On The Run! – Instantly had me imagining a picnic basket with legs doing a runner. Amusing.
  33. My Kitchen In Half Cups – Quirky names will appeal to a certain type of audience. This name stands out.
  34. Peanut Butter & Jargon – Truly unique. Most people who come across this should remember it.
  35. Just Home Made – Nice. Not too pretentious or clever. Just classically elegant.

Feeling inspired but hungry now? Go get a bite and then sit down to come up with your blog’s name.

Get Blog Naming Inspiration by Finding Out How Popular Brands Got Theirs

Almost everyone spends a frustrating long time trying to come up with a cool name for their new blog. And the worse part is, there is no guarantee that you’ll eventually get an awesome name that you and your readers will love.

So what’s the secret to finding a super catchy name that’s just oozing with creativity?

While there’s no magic formula, you can definitely improve the odds of discovering a really good name by doing lots of research, learning the basics of naming, and getting copious amounts of inspiration to fuel ideas that are relevant to your blog.

One of the best ways to figure out ‘what’s in a name’ is to explore how other brands got their names, and the process their founders went through to choose them.

The obvious choice is to understand the origins of existing blog names that you like, but you don’t have to limit yourself to blogs. You’ll get just as many insights from company names, clothing brands, names of products and lots of other areas. Even band and team names.

For instance, just take a look at how these Streetwear brands got their names.

  • Stampd – Founder Chris Stamp wanted to ‘stamp’ his aesthetic on footwear.
  • Band of Outsiders – An English translation of a French movie name
  • 10.Deep – As many names as possible were written on a piece of paper which was then hung on the wall and the bad ones were gradually crossed off day by day.
  • Stussy – Surname of owner Shawn Stussy.
  • A Bathing Ape – An adaptation from a Japanese saying that refers to young people being spoilt and pampered.
  • ALIFE – Initial inspiration (Artificial Life) from a Lenny Kravitz album, and subsequently shortened to ALIFE.
  • Patta – The founders are of Surinamese descent, and Patta means ‘shoe’ in Surinamese.

Check out the rest at High Snobiety.

Evidently, there are plenty of ways to create a memorable name that’s filled with meaning. People may not automatically ‘get it’, but that doesn’t matter. What you want is a story behind the brand to share.

If you’ve been sitting there trying to think up the ideal name for your blog and haven’t found anything you like, just stop what you’re doing. That perfect name isn’t going to just pop into your head, especially if you don’t know what it takes to create one.

You need to do plenty of homework into the art of naming first. Once you’ve picked up the basics and observed how successful brands got their names, you’ll be surprised at much easier it is to get cool naming ideas and develop them into solid candidates for your blog’s name.

23 Cool Blog Names to Inspire Teachers and Anyone Starting a Blog

Although this is a list of education related blogs, the names have been selected to showcase different naming styles and the range of techniques that can be used to create good (and not so good) names.

While there’s something to be learned from all of them, some are clearly leagues above the others in terms of quality. But when it comes to creativity, opinions vary, so you should go through and identify the ones you like best.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not a teacher or if your blog is not about education. Just get ideas from the way the names have been made up and then adapt the component words to suit your blog.

  1. Teaching With Class: Super brilliant – wordplay at its finest
  2. Scribble Doodle and Draw: A good example of a great blog naming technique
  3. Top Teaching: Unexciting at best – a key goal of a blog’s name is to attract people to it
  4. TeachHUB Education Blog: Blogs of brand names don’t need to be too clever or unique
  5. 100 Scope Notes: Some abstractly named blogs just don’t interest you, this is one of them
  6. TeachMoore: If the blogger’s name is Moore, then this could work
  7. Darcy Moore’s Blog: This naming style won’t work so well if you have a really common name
  8. A Journey in TEFL: A Journey In, A Journey With etc, can all work as blog name formats
  9. Kirsten Winkler: Got a unique name? Just go with it as your blog’s name too
  10. The Scholastic Scribe: An excellent example of a cleverly created name
  11. Integrating Technology in the Primary Classroom: This is just way too long and a good example of what not to do
  12. The Kennedy Korral Blog: Got a fabulous sounding name? Take advantage of it
  13. English Raven: Nice and elegant – whenever possible, try to stick to 2 meaningful words
  14. Luckyfrogs Lilypad: This name is awesome if you know what luckyfrogs and lilypads are
  15. It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages: Funny, quirky and simply full of fun
  16. The Principal of Change: Yes, this is how to do it – play around with the meaning and spelling of words
  17. The Nerdy Teacher: A solid name – just find an adjective that your audience can relate to
  18. 3rd Grade Gridiron: This is great because you don’t normally associate 3rd Grade with gridirons
  19. Design for Learning: Not very clever, but still good
  20. Just a Substitute Teacher: Don’t normally see “Just a” used in blog names, but it really works perfectly here
  21. Ladybug’s Teacher Files: All it takes is one catchy word to make a great name
  22. A Journée in Language: The foreign spelling suitably combines with language but is this too clever
  23. The Blue Skunk Blog: Colors and animals always work

Personally, i really like – Teaching with Class, The Scholastic Scribe and The Nerdy Teacher. What’s your pick of the lot?