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29 Creatively Catchy Art and Photography Blog Names that are Unique

With so many artists and photographers around, each with their own website to showcase their work, it’s tempting to think that all the good blog names are taken already.

Well, it depends on what you mean by ‘good’. There’s no doubt all the obvious ones are long gone. Either they’re already in use, or the .com domain name has been registered by someone else years ago.

But if you turn up your creativity to come up with an unusually catchy name, you’ll be surprised by what’s still openly available. The key of course, is to be able to think of a meaningfully quirky name that’s unique and cool.

If you need some ideas and examples to give you a bit of inspiration, check out this list of 29 existing art and photography blogs on Tumblr that have really interesting and mostly unconventional names:

  1. Turbo Folk
  2. The Jogging
  3. One For Every Wish
  4. Floating Cosmos
  5. Post Patternism
  6. Art Propelled
  7. Feature Shoot
  8. Oxane
  9. Inspired By Me
  10. Bad Bananas
  11. Lucky Acid
  12. Full Serving
  13. Visual-Poetry
  14. Double Flawless
  15. Nothing Written
  16. Gradient Child
  17. Crematorie
  18. I Am Japanese
  19. Folk Nouveau
  20. Rusty Break
  21. A Crisis Of Value
  22. Mango Popsicle
  23. Razor Shapes
  24. Somewhat Real
  25. Robots Cry Too
  26. Drawing Diary
  27. Self-Romance
  28. Sonic Teeth
  29. Cave To Canvas

Something like ‘Visual Poetry’ may be an obvious name related to visual arts, but the others should show you how a wide range of naming techniques can be used to create a brand that stands out to be a little different.

Although you may be tempted to use common keywords that are related – such as ‘canvas’ for an art blog or ‘shutter’ for a photography blog – it may actually be better to stay clear of this approach as there will already be plenty of other blogs that use these words in their names.

What you want is a name that grabs people’s attention, gets them to stop to think about it a bit and makes them want to take a look at what your blog has to offer. In short you’ve got to get them interested. And when you come across a name like ‘Robots Cry Too’, you just can’t help but want to know more.

Other names use their component words to reach their audience in a more literal sense. Consider ‘Mango Popsicle’. Despite the fact that it instantly makes you want one, you get a fresh, sweet, cool and tangy impression even before you click into the site.

Or if you prefer a more classic style, then there are lots of 3 word combinations that can be used to come up with names like ‘Inspired by Me’.

As you can see, there are a plenty of ways to come up with an awesome name that’s unique. If you limit yourself to how everyone else is creating their names then yes, almost everything you can think of will be gone already, or you’ll have to settle for a mediocre one.

Instead, dig deep to find your individuality and express yourself in your name just as you do in the art you create or the photos you take.

45 Quirky and Funny Tumblog Names to Show you How to Grab your Readers Attention

Even if you’re not starting a time wasting Tumblog to add your dose of humor to the Internet, you can still get incredible naming ideas from the leading fun and funny blogs on Tumblr.

Here’s a selection of some really cool Tumblrs that have been carefully selected to show you how a wide range of techniques can be used to come up with striking names. Granted, the language is a little strong in places, and the content-focus may not be exactly in line with your blog, but remember, it’s the naming approach we’re interested in.

45 Fun Filled Tumblr Blogs

  1. Humans Of New York
  2. Stfu Parents
  3. My Year Of Everything
  4. Buzzfeed Minus Gifs
  5. Men Taking Up 2 Much Space On The Train
  6. Barack And Gary
  7. Slaughter House 90210
  8. Tastefully Offensive
  9. Sad Keanu
  10. I Dont Care About Your Boyfriend
  11. Im Remembering
  12. Cheese People
  13. Kim Jong Il Looking At Things
  14. Funny Or Die
  15. Cash Cats
  16. Lady Scouts
  17. Daily Bunny
  18. Beyonce Art History
  19. F U Auto Correct
  20. To My Husband
  21. Hate The Future
  22. Team Coco
  23. Newyorkasaurus
  24. Fake Science
  25. This Isnt Happiness
  26. Comically Vintage
  27. Bacon Bacon Bacon
  28. Ugly Renaissance Babies
  29. Wat Blog
  30. Historical Cats
  31. Selleck Waterfall Sandwich
  32. Hung Over Owls
  33. Stfu Parents
  34. F*Ck No Tattoos
  35. White Men Wearing Google Glass
  36. Tacky Beyonce
  37. Know Your Meme
  38. How Do I Put This Gently?
  39. Literally Unbelievable
  40. Fuck Yeah Elephants
  41. Garfield Minus Garfield
  42. Best Rooftalk Ever
  43. Rich Kids Of Instagram
  44. Spamblr
  45. Comedy Central

Evidently, the majority have a really one-of-a-kind name. They may not always be very good, but they are extremely unique. And on the whole, they succeed at making you notice them.

Get Them Interested

That’s the first lesson – a good name needs to catch its target audience’s attention by standing out above lists of other blogs to stop people in their tracks and make them want to take a peek.

But you won’t get anyone to click to your site if the meaning behind the name doesn’t connect with them in a positive way. To generate traffic to your blog, your name needs to resonate with whoever you’re trying to reach. They need to think it’s cool, funny, cute or simply awesome.

Generally, it’s easier to create a name that gets attention. As you can see, one effective strategy is to use abstract and wacky concepts that just makes people stop to think a little. And if what they ponder about is interesting enough, it should pique their curiosity and lead them to take a look at what you’ve got on your site.

The bottom line? Try to build your blog’s name around your content. If you want a funny name that shocks your readers, make sure you’re publishing funny content that’s shocking.

And if you’re not very funny, then use quirkiness to brand your blog. It’s a great way to be unique and be different to all the millions of other blogs on the Web.

9 Cool Tumblr Blogs that use Normal Personal Sounding Names

There are a lot of fun blogs on Tumblr that use way out names to establish a brand for themselves. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use your own name or a common sounding one to create an entertaining site.

As you can see from the following Tumblogs, none of them are particularly amusing (unless you know the character beforehand):

So if you’re not particularly witty, don’t like pretentiously silly blog names or just want something that gives you room to cover a variety topics in the future rather than being limited to your current fascination with Kim Jong Il Looking At Things (, then consider using your own name, a pen name or even make up a cool name to be your blog’s brand.

Inspiring Naming Tips and Ideas from 61 of the Most Viral and Popular Tumblr Blogs

Some of the most popular and viral sites on the Web are Tumblr blogs. So if you’re looking for naming ideas for a new blog or need inspiration for your own Tumblog’s name, you should probably check out what these super successful blogs are called.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for the best blogs to be entertained, or if you want to take a closer look at their names, we’ve done the legwork already by compiling 61 of the leading properties on Tumblr over the last couple of years.

61 of the Top Tumblr Blogs (2012-2014)

Note: This list is NOT ranked in order of popularity, and not all of the blogs have top quality names. The objective is to showcase the leading Tumblogs and to reflect on the mixed bag of naming styles.

Naming your (Tumblr) Blog

After going through that list, you’ve either got lots of ideas shooting off in your head, or you’re more confused than ever. A lot of it depends on the type of blog you’re starting and your taste for names.

  1. Personal Blog – if you’re starting a personal blog, these 61 names are not very relevant as most of them are not personal blogs. However, you can still learn a lot about the different blog naming styles that are possible – from asking a question (ie How May We Hate You?) and descriptively long names (ie Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs), to short meaningful names (ie Public Shaming) and memorably quirky ones (ie Actresses Without Teeth).
  2. Topic-focused Blog – one thing that’s clearly evident from most of the names above is their uniqueness. On the whole, this is because the underlying content is a little weird or positioned in a strange way. Although the initial intention for your blog may not be so niched, perhaps you may want to consider zooming in a little. And if you do, it could automatically make your blog’s name a lot more catchy. Eg. ‘Black Guys with Puppies’ rather than just ‘Guys with Puppies’.
  3. Pronounceable & Typeable – some bloggers try to get too clever with their names (ie young wannabe hipsters) by using strangely spelled words that include numbers, hyphens and odd capitalizations. As you can see, the blogs that make it to the top use witty and creative word play to produce names that are easy to say and remember.
  4. Visualizable Names – a lot of the names are way too long. On the whole, it’s best to keep your blog’s name as short as possible, as that makes it more memorable. An exception to this rule, is if a long name results in producing a visual image or concept that makes a deep and long lasting impression such as ‘Great Art in Ugly Rooms’, ‘White Men Wearing Google Glass’ and ‘Black Guys with Puppies’. Or, if the name resonates with its audience and has them nodding in agreement ie. ‘Men Taking Up Too Much Space on the Train’, they’re much more likely to remember it.
  5. Short is Still Best if you Can – at the end of the day though, if you can combine a strong concept that produces powerful visual stimuli together with a short name, that’s always going to produce the best names ie ‘Exploding Actresses’, ‘Public Shaming’ and ‘Porn4Jews’. If possible, try to limit yourself to a maximum of 3 words and strive to keep things simple. There’s no point in having clever wordplay if most of your audience doesn’t understand it.

In summary, think hard about your content and consider refining how you approach it to confirm your blog’s brand positioning. Don’t overly concentrate on coming up with a great name without tying it in with what you’ll be posting about. By clarifying your content and how it will appeal to your desired audience, you should get a lot more naming ideas.