29 Creatively Catchy Art and Photography Blog Names that are Unique

With so many artists and photographers around, each with their own website to showcase their work, it’s tempting to think that all the good blog names are taken already.

Well, it depends on what you mean by ‘good’. There’s no doubt all the obvious ones are long gone. Either they’re already in use, or the .com domain name has been registered by someone else years ago.

But if you turn up your creativity to come up with an unusually catchy name, you’ll be surprised by what’s still openly available. The key of course, is to be able to think of a meaningfully quirky name that’s unique and cool.

If you need some ideas and examples to give you a bit of inspiration, check out this list of 29 existing art and photography blogs on Tumblr that have really interesting and mostly unconventional names:

  1. Turbo Folk
  2. The Jogging
  3. One For Every Wish
  4. Floating Cosmos
  5. Post Patternism
  6. Art Propelled
  7. Feature Shoot
  8. Oxane
  9. Inspired By Me
  10. Bad Bananas
  11. Lucky Acid
  12. Full Serving
  13. Visual-Poetry
  14. Double Flawless
  15. Nothing Written
  16. Gradient Child
  17. Crematorie
  18. I Am Japanese
  19. Folk Nouveau
  20. Rusty Break
  21. A Crisis Of Value
  22. Mango Popsicle
  23. Razor Shapes
  24. Somewhat Real
  25. Robots Cry Too
  26. Drawing Diary
  27. Self-Romance
  28. Sonic Teeth
  29. Cave To Canvas

Something like ‘Visual Poetry’ may be an obvious name related to visual arts, but the others should show you how a wide range of naming techniques can be used to create a brand that stands out to be a little different.

Although you may be tempted to use common keywords that are related – such as ‘canvas’ for an art blog or ‘shutter’ for a photography blog – it may actually be better to stay clear of this approach as there will already be plenty of other blogs that use these words in their names.

What you want is a name that grabs people’s attention, gets them to stop to think about it a bit and makes them want to take a look at what your blog has to offer. In short you’ve got to get them interested. And when you come across a name like ‘Robots Cry Too’, you just can’t help but want to know more.

Other names use their component words to reach their audience in a more literal sense. Consider ‘Mango Popsicle’. Despite the fact that it instantly makes you want one, you get a fresh, sweet, cool and tangy impression even before you click into the site.

Or if you prefer a more classic style, then there are lots of 3 word combinations that can be used to come up with names like ‘Inspired by Me’.

As you can see, there are a plenty of ways to come up with an awesome name that’s unique. If you limit yourself to how everyone else is creating their names then yes, almost everything you can think of will be gone already, or you’ll have to settle for a mediocre one.

Instead, dig deep to find your individuality and express yourself in your name just as you do in the art you create or the photos you take.

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