45 Quirky and Funny Tumblog Names to Show you How to Grab your Readers Attention

Even if you’re not starting a time wasting Tumblog to add your dose of humor to the Internet, you can still get incredible naming ideas from the leading fun and funny blogs on Tumblr.

Here’s a selection of some really cool Tumblrs that have been carefully selected to show you how a wide range of techniques can be used to come up with striking names. Granted, the language is a little strong in places, and the content-focus may not be exactly in line with your blog, but remember, it’s the naming approach we’re interested in.

45 Fun Filled Tumblr Blogs

  1. Humans Of New York
  2. Stfu Parents
  3. My Year Of Everything
  4. Buzzfeed Minus Gifs
  5. Men Taking Up 2 Much Space On The Train
  6. Barack And Gary
  7. Slaughter House 90210
  8. Tastefully Offensive
  9. Sad Keanu
  10. I Dont Care About Your Boyfriend
  11. Im Remembering
  12. Cheese People
  13. Kim Jong Il Looking At Things
  14. Funny Or Die
  15. Cash Cats
  16. Lady Scouts
  17. Daily Bunny
  18. Beyonce Art History
  19. F U Auto Correct
  20. To My Husband
  21. Hate The Future
  22. Team Coco
  23. Newyorkasaurus
  24. Fake Science
  25. This Isnt Happiness
  26. Comically Vintage
  27. Bacon Bacon Bacon
  28. Ugly Renaissance Babies
  29. Wat Blog
  30. Historical Cats
  31. Selleck Waterfall Sandwich
  32. Hung Over Owls
  33. Stfu Parents
  34. F*Ck No Tattoos
  35. White Men Wearing Google Glass
  36. Tacky Beyonce
  37. Know Your Meme
  38. How Do I Put This Gently?
  39. Literally Unbelievable
  40. Fuck Yeah Elephants
  41. Garfield Minus Garfield
  42. Best Rooftalk Ever
  43. Rich Kids Of Instagram
  44. Spamblr
  45. Comedy Central

Evidently, the majority have a really one-of-a-kind name. They may not always be very good, but they are extremely unique. And on the whole, they succeed at making you notice them.

Get Them Interested

That’s the first lesson – a good name needs to catch its target audience’s attention by standing out above lists of other blogs to stop people in their tracks and make them want to take a peek.

But you won’t get anyone to click to your site if the meaning behind the name doesn’t connect with them in a positive way. To generate traffic to your blog, your name needs to resonate with whoever you’re trying to reach. They need to think it’s cool, funny, cute or simply awesome.

Generally, it’s easier to create a name that gets attention. As you can see, one effective strategy is to use abstract and wacky concepts that just makes people stop to think a little. And if what they ponder about is interesting enough, it should pique their curiosity and lead them to take a look at what you’ve got on your site.

The bottom line? Try to build your blog’s name around your content. If you want a funny name that shocks your readers, make sure you’re publishing funny content that’s shocking.

And if you’re not very funny, then use quirkiness to brand your blog. It’s a great way to be unique and be different to all the millions of other blogs on the Web.

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