Get Blog Naming Inspiration by Finding Out How Popular Brands Got Theirs

Almost everyone spends a frustrating long time trying to come up with a cool name for their new blog. And the worse part is, there is no guarantee that you’ll eventually get an awesome name that you and your readers will love.

So what’s the secret to finding a super catchy name that’s just oozing with creativity?

While there’s no magic formula, you can definitely improve the odds of discovering a really good name by doing lots of research, learning the basics of naming, and getting copious amounts of inspiration to fuel ideas that are relevant to your blog.

One of the best ways to figure out ‘what’s in a name’ is to explore how other brands got their names, and the process their founders went through to choose them.

The obvious choice is to understand the origins of existing blog names that you like, but you don’t have to limit yourself to blogs. You’ll get just as many insights from company names, clothing brands, names of products and lots of other areas. Even band and team names.

For instance, just take a look at how these Streetwear brands got their names.

  • Stampd – Founder Chris Stamp wanted to ‘stamp’ his aesthetic on footwear.
  • Band of Outsiders – An English translation of a French movie name
  • 10.Deep – As many names as possible were written on a piece of paper which was then hung on the wall and the bad ones were gradually crossed off day by day.
  • Stussy – Surname of owner Shawn Stussy.
  • A Bathing Ape – An adaptation from a Japanese saying that refers to young people being spoilt and pampered.
  • ALIFE – Initial inspiration (Artificial Life) from a Lenny Kravitz album, and subsequently shortened to ALIFE.
  • Patta – The founders are of Surinamese descent, and Patta means ‘shoe’ in Surinamese.

Check out the rest at High Snobiety.

Evidently, there are plenty of ways to create a memorable name that’s filled with meaning. People may not automatically ‘get it’, but that doesn’t matter. What you want is a story behind the brand to share.

If you’ve been sitting there trying to think up the ideal name for your blog and haven’t found anything you like, just stop what you’re doing. That perfect name isn’t going to just pop into your head, especially if you don’t know what it takes to create one.

You need to do plenty of homework into the art of naming first. Once you’ve picked up the basics and observed how successful brands got their names, you’ll be surprised at much easier it is to get cool naming ideas and develop them into solid candidates for your blog’s name.

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