Site errors disrupt the user experience and hurt search visibility.

Slow page speeds, 404 errors, broken links… poor site performance disrupts the user experience driving users away. 

Site errors also interfere with search results, affecting a search engine’s ability to index the page, hiding your content deep in the SERP or not showing it at all. 

It’s hard to identify the underlying issues that plague your site, and it’s impossible to comb through hundreds or even thousands of pages.

Technology is the only way to scale.

seoClarity built the most comprehensive and customizable crawl technology.

Under continuous development for the last decade, it offers the most feature-rich SEO audit capabilities and advanced site crawler on the market today.

It provides you with a complete searchable index of your site with no artificial limitations. Enabled by our Clarity GridTM infrastructure, it continuously learns and evolves to detect new issues over time and provides the solution. 

Your Site’s Usability Defines the User Search Experience. 

With all technical SEO capabilities and metrics without artificial limitations, identify issues as they happen to maximize the search experience and scale to meet even the biggest enterprise need.

Clarity Audits_Advanced Audits v1

Advanced SEO Site Audits

Guarantee the best possible user search experience with a site audit featuring 100+ technical checks.

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Analyze for 100+ Technical Checks

Every page is checked against a multitude of hard to identify technical issues. Full coverage on issues with indexation, redirects, 404 errors, and more.

Audit for Mobile Friendliness

Leverage a mobile user agent and check for specific mobile friendliness factors with ease.

Address International SEO Challenges

Conduct an in-depth HREFLang audit and verify your implementation with cross-checks of referenced URLs.

Validate Canonical URLs

Validate your canonical implementation for all URLs and cross-check canonicalized pages to quickly identify a multitude of potential issues.

Audit Pagination Layouts

Check and verify your pagination implementation against the standards with automatic recognition of issues with pagination tags and paginated URLs.

Audit Structure Data Markup

Structure data markup implementation via Schema, OpenGraph, JSON-LD and others are automatically crawled and checked for errors.

Check for Duplicate Content

Quickly and easily identify and eliminate duplicate content issues on the site, redirect chains, indexation issues and hone in on the specific areas and pages creating the issue.
No Limits v1

No Crawl Limits

Every client receives a dedicated crawler instance which eliminates artificial limits and restrictions.

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No Limits on Pages Crawled

Crawl as many pages as you need. seoClarity's crawler is built for massive scale and tested on site crawls with over 48 million pages on a single site.

No Limits on Crawl Speed

Crawl from 1 page per second to 100 pages per second. (You just need to make sure you approve the ClarityBot access to do so!)

No Limits on Crawl Depth

Crawl as deep on your target site as you like to get the full picture. Run reoccurring crawls to a customized depth.

No Limits on Data Exports

Export every URL crawled with every issue and opportunity found right from the platform. Want a Sitemap generated? No problem. We've got you covered with fully validated sitemaps generated from your crawl data and available immediately.
JS Crawls v2

Full JavaScript Crawling Support

With no limits on the crawl capabilities, enable full JS crawls that mimic site crawls just as Googlebot does.

Analyze Your JS Site as Google does

Have a site built on Angular JS or another JS framework? Simply enable the JS crawling option to have every page rendered in a real browser and audited in manner similar to how Google itself does

Fine-Grained Control on Rendering

Control how long to wait for rendering to complete before crawling the page. Identify slow executing JS that renders critical content easily.

Safe for Analytics

We automatically block the most popular analytics and ad serving scripts in order to avoid inflating your metrics.
Custom Crawls v1

Incredibly Customized Crawls

Crawl your sitemap, a list of URL's, a specific section of a site or your entire site.

Customize What to Crawl

Control exactly what pages are included or excluded based on powerful crawling rules. Rewrite urls or remove parameters as needed on the fly to ensure the best quality data for your analysis.

Customize What to Index

The crawler creates an index of all the pages crawled and all the key elements for every page.

Customize When and Where to Crawl

Powerful scheduling options allows you control on day of week and hours of the day to allow crawling. Crawl confidently with the knowledge that it won't impact customer experience.

Customize How Fast to Crawl

From 1 page per second to 100, you control how fast you need access to your analysis.

Customize How Deep to Crawl

Whether you'd like to crawl the top 3 levels of your site or a specific number of pages - seoClarity's depth customization capabilities puts you fully in control.

Customize Data Extracts

Need to extract specific content from certain pages? No problem. Leverage our custom data extract options to index everything you need for your analysis. Especially useful for Content Audits.
Clarity Audits_Page Speed Mockup v1

Page Speed and Server Performance

Leverage Google’s PageSpeed Insights at scale.

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Scalable Page Performance

Identify bottle-necks in your infrastructure with granular, URL level reports on time-to-first-byte, rendering time, server response time, site speed and more.

Leverage Google PageSpeed

Get the actual Google PageSpeed insights and analysis for every managed page within seoClarity on a monthly basis or even ad-hoc as need for specific pages.

PageSpeed Opportunities

Compare the month over month page speed score to see improvements or changes in score. Compare at the page or folder level and desktop and mobile. 

Log-File Analysis

Advanced analysis of your log-files to correlate search bots data and behavior to rankings and analytics to provide valuable SEO insights.

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Monitor search engine bot activity

Identify crawled and uncrawled URLs, crawl frequency, orphaned pages, and broken links to maximize your crawl budget.

Identify Spoofed Bot Activity

Identify spoofed bot activity that mimic search engine bots to scrap your site for valuable information and bring down server performance.

Tie Search Engine Bot Activity to Performance

Correlate site and organic search analytics to bot activity to improve rankings and increase your search visibility.  
Powerful Reporting_Clarity Audits Mockup v1

Powerful Reporting

Built on the Clarity GridTM, gain actionable insights, see trends, and monitor performance at the speed of thought. 

Trend Performance Over Time

Tell the entire story of your successes with scheduled crawls and trended performance reports. Demonstrate the impact of your efforts on the technical health and get buy-in and support from your team.

Powerful Filter Capabilities

Zoom in on the specific issues and specific pages with a couple of clicks. Answer the most ad-hoc questions on the data and reveal insights in seconds.

Build and Share Custom Dashboards

Leverage seoClarity's powerful built-in dashboard functionality to build custom dashboards and share it via email on a scheduled basis.

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“I must say there are a lot of hidden treasures in seoClarity that need to be used a lot more often. Thanks for advancing the technology to fit our needs. ”
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