Uncover the Real Performance of Your Pages on Google

Understand exactly what keywords drive traffic to your site. Applied with deep-learning, it integrates the full bulk export of Google Search Console click data for keywords and pages with ~100% visibility

Monitor Multiple Sections of Your Site in Seconds

Leverage the bulk GSC integration to analyze 2x-10x more search data than Search Console provides

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Explore the Intent of Organic Traffic

Correlate keyword level data with all of your other SEO metrics with our advanced machine-learning capabilities. Slice, dice, and analyze click data within in seconds by device type, country, search intent, content types, and more. 

Analyze Brand vs Non-Brand

Report, analyze, and monitor your brand keywords performance and gain insights into your non-brand keywords driving traffic to your site in a single click and with a trend dashboard. In addition, break down by search intent and content page types.

Boost Your Page-Level Performance

See how well your page is optimized for the actual keyword(s) its targeting and compare to the queries that are actually driving traffic to your site. Organize webpages dynamically by URL structure or segment pages by intent with the keywords that drive traffic to your pages.

Calculate CTR By Position

Search Analytics data calculates the CTR by position to better understand the impact of the changing SERPs to the variance in clicks based on rank position changes. See a trended view to track and compare changes in CTR over time for the top 10 positions. 

Identify Growth Opportunities

View pages with high impressions and low clicks to improve page content. Optimize page titles and description to improve CTR. Optimize content on low-hanging fruit pages. Create new landing pages needed based on average position and search intent.

Integrate Multiple Profiles

Enterprises with multiple GSC profiles makes it difficult to see how an entire company is performing to pinpoint new opportunities or lost traffic easily. Utilize the bulk export option from GSC into seoClarity to conveniently access aggregated data for complete analysis across multiple GSC profiles.

Keyword Research

Global Hospitality Brand Corrects YOY Traffic and Scales Analysis for 800 Unique Sites

A deep-dive into their data gave this brand insight to address shifting customer behaviors and re-engage their audience.

Discover the Insights

Case Study Covers_DEC 2020 v1.1_Global Hospitality Brand_Corrects Traffic Decline-1

450x the Keyword Performance Data

As part of seoClarity’s machine-learning capabilities, Search Analytics is the ONLY enterprise platform to reveal 90-100% match of keywords actually driving traffic to your site.

Built on the Clarity Grid, you can connect to a multitude of data sources to manage and drive performance on the exact search terms to initiate greater search visibility. And, it allows you to filter, dynamically update, and apply interactive analysis on the fly.

search analytics google search console

With Search Analytics, you can now effectively:

  • Track keywords that drive traffic to what page
  • Determine how well a page is optimized for the terms it’s targeting
  • Identify opportunities for new content ideas from definite performance
  • Access historical data available with integration
  • Recognize keyword potential and opportunities
  • Understand search intent matched with page-level content
  • Discover differences in mobile and desktop performance
  • See a trended view of CTR over time and correlate it to changes in meta data or schema
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