Monitor YouTube Video Performance

Identify target keywords and monitor search results within the SERP video carousel by your or your competitors YouTube channel.

Optimize YouTube and SERP Video Rank 

Build and optimize your video strategy knowing which videos rank best, engage viewers, and earn prime spots in video carousels on the SERP. 

Uncover Competitors Video Ranking

See how you compare to top competitors video rankings and find opportunities for new video ideas or to optimize your video title and description. 



Video Rankings Change

Video Rankings Change 
All. The. Time. 

Daily YouTube ranking fluctuations are commonplace - it's the nature of the site. But video optimization isn’t only about your YouTube rankings.

When video carousel appears in a SERP carousel with a rank and subrank position, it offers an excellent way to cut through YouTube competition, rank for your target keyword, and be a top suggested video.

Fortunately, now you can track your video marketing in the SERP and on YouTube, even though the YouTube URL format lacks a relationship to the video content.


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A Video Rank Tracker Made for Enterprise SEO

With marketing teams creating videos at an ever-growing pace, enterprise SEO tools must deliver YouTube and SERP ranking analysis to save time, cost, and headaches.

Now, you can see your video rankings by month, the keywords your videos rank for, their YouTube position, and where they appear on the SERP.

SEOs and marketers can see video search volumes, what content should be promoted in the SERP, and where YouTube optimization opportunities exist.

A Data-Driven Approach to Have Your Video Content Seen

Beat your competition with comprehensive insights that lead to a proper video content strategy that allows for more search visibility.

01__Video Keyword Research

Extensive Video Keyword Research

See the entire video search landscape with advanced keyword research, or search by domain or publisher name. 
04__Track Competing Videos

Track Top Video Competitors

Identify your top competitors and their ranking keywords to position your videos for even faster results.

02__Video Ranking Data

Ranking Data for Your Video Content

Uncover opportunities with SERP ranking and subranking for your videos and how they rank on YouTube.
03__Optimize Strategy for Video

Identify the Best Optimization Strategy

Utilize your YouTube ranking data to inform the components of your overall video strategy for presence on YouTube and the SERP.

05__No Limits on Keyword Research

No Artificial Limits

No limits on competitive search or keyword research with dynamic, on-the-fly analysis and reporting makes scaling simple for SEOs and marketers.

06__Target Video Keywords for Insight

Find the Right Video Keywords

Target video keywords for analysis and compare against SERP keywords for advanced insight into user intent.
07__Video Content for Audience

Optimize for Your Audience

Keyword data, search volumes, and video clicks on YouTube and the SERP guide video optimization and video content creation.
08__Social Media to Boost Views

Insights into Social Media Strategy

When keywords, video rankings, and search volume tell you what's popular, you'll know what to promote on your social media sites.
Rank After 48hr

Where Will Your Video Rank After 48 Hours?

Earning a top spot requires informed video keyword optimization in addition to knowledge of subscribers, views of playlists, and channel analytics.

Enterprise SEOs and marketers don’t need to fight viral YouTube trends or a search engine algorithm to achieve visibility for brand video.

By leveraging an enterprise video rank tracking tool built with business intelligence, real-time data, and dynamic, on-the-fly reporting, brands can scale video keyword research to produce more relevant video content and earn higher video YouTube and SERP rankings.

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