BI Tool Integration

Integrate ranking data with your business intelligence tool of choice, including Google Data Studio, Tableau, Domo, and more for a synchronized, connected view of your entire marketing performance.

Raw Data Downloads

Download up to 1 million rows right from the platform instantly into Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, FTP, and more from our download center. Customize it to include your keyword or page groupings, SERP features, competitors, and more.

Data Warehouse

Bring your rank tracking data into your custom data warehouse, BigQuery, or RedShift, with an API or FTP with custom data extracts.



Infuse Search Data Into Centralized Reporting

This is your data, you deserve to use it however you see fit. Integrate bulk ranking data and top 100 results for every keyword tracked included in your subscription, wherever you want it to go.

Competitor Data

With top 100 results included in the standard extract, track and include your competitor ranking data within your data to get a complete picture of your organic search competitors.

All Search Metrics

Integrate all of your KPIs like average rank, weighted average rank, share of voice, search volume, and so much more. More than 27 metrics right out of the box and other custom metrics available, just ask!

All Search Engines

Extract daily, weekly, or even hourly ranking data nationally, locally, or internationally from any country or any search engine. Includes Google Desktop, Google Mobile, Yandex, Baidu, and Naver. 


Your Data is Just a Click Away

Whether using an API, custom extract from an FTP, or a direct integration with Google Data Studio, gain unrestricted to your data - daily, weekly, hourly, or ad hoc. 


Top 100 Search Results

Gain a comprehensive understanding of how you perform on the SERPs with a complete look at the top 100 listing results and adjust your strategy accordingly. 


Google Data Studio Connector

Gain a direct connection to Google Data Studio to build your own custom visualizations, connect to other marketing reports, and analyze your performance. We're proud to be the only SEO platform to include this as part of your subscription!

Message Bubbles

Extract People Also Ask Data

Uncover content ideas through the exact questions your target audience asks. Access the largest People Also Ask data set in the world with a simple query and download the results instantly.

Content Writing 2

Content API

Create content at a scale like never before with unrestricted access to AI analysis of queries and page content. Create authoritative content, available via API, and integrate within your content writers workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What business intelligence tools does seoClarity integrate with?

We integrate with a number of BI tools so you can have access to your data, your way. 

These include Big Query (which allows for your data to be connected with the likes of Google Data Studio, Tableau, Domo, and more), as well as RedShift, Amazon S3, Box, Snowflake, and Looker. 

With a subscription to seoClarity, an API key and/or token is included to make the process super easy. 

If you don't see your BI tool, don't worry! You can still have direct access to your data with an API or custom data extract.

More on BI tools integrations >

What can I send my data scientist team?

Data scientists are able to manipulate data in the seoClarity platform in a number of ways. 

Slice, dice, and analyze the data in a way that makes sense for your business priorities with customizable metrics and unlimited flexible dashboards. 

Manipulate the data to build out the story that you're looking to tell.

SEO Data for Data Scientists: Demonstrating the Power of seoClarity > 

Should I use an API or custom data extracts?

Either option is viable, but the answer depends on your situation since both have pros and cons. 

Most of our clients ingest their data with a daily or weekly export of data extracts to an SFTP location.

You can read more about the two options here:

The Better Choice: API or Custom Data Extracts? >

How do I get my historical rank tracking data?

Take your historical data right from the platform! 

Unfortunately, we've heard horror stories when it comes to trying to download historical ranking data from other providers. seoClarity is different - this is your data, you should be able to do what you want with it.

Buying an SEO Platform: What to Expect When it Comes to Historical Ranking Data >

How do others on my team leverage SEO data?

We're glad you asked. Practically every team can leverage SEO data! The insights are invaluable when leveraged across the entire digital marketing. 

Here's a recap in how our clients have leverage SEO data across IT teams, data scientists, content marketers, product managers, merchandisers, the UX team, and more. 

SEO Platform for Digital Teams >

How much does this cost?

The cost is driven from the number of domains and keywords you want to track. We even have a limitless keyword rank tracking plan. It starts at $0.15 per keyword for daily ranking data, but there is a significant savings for 100,000 keywords or more.

We offer three different packages, all of which operate with no artificial limits. This is your data, manipulate, analyze, extract it how you'd like. 

No more worrying about credits or tokens to ensure the job gets done. 

You can learn more about our packages on our pricing page.

What ranking data and frequency options do you have?

We offer our clients an incredible depth of data. Access data weekly, daily, hourly, or ad hoc from:

  • Top 100 results for Google Desktop and Mobile
  • Local Rankings based on region, city, state, zip, or lat and long
  • Google Images Desktop & Mobile
  • Google Shopping Desktop & Mobile
  • Google Business Listings (Google Maps)
  • Google Jobs
  • Bing Desktop
  • Yandex (Russia)
  • Baidu (China)
  • Naver (South Korea)
  • Yahoo! Japan
  • Amazon Rankings
  • YouTube Video Rankings
How can I verify the ranking data is accurate?

We haven't missed a day of rankings in more than a decade, and we've built our infrastructure to ensure our clients have their data when they need it.

Trust and verify your data right within the platform where we store a SERP preview so you can see exactly the results. 

All of this comes with no compromise when it comes to security, stability, accuracy, and reliability.

Read more about the security and stability we have in place for our clients.

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