Accurate Search Volume Data

After years of frustration of inaccurate search demand data from Google Keyword Planner, True DemandTM offers the most accurate view of search volume.


Fix the Inaccuracies in Search Volume Data from Keyword Planner

Gain Back Granularity

Reveal the differences from Google's aggregated keyword variations with specific search volume on queries like plural, misspellings, and other modifiers. 

End 'Zero' Search Volume

Uncover the actual search demand for queries Google Keyword Planner shows as zero to make better decisions on topics and keywords you should prioritize. 

Reveal New and Rising Keywords

Use estimates from True Demand to gain traction on the newest queries. Don't wait months to learn about new topics and rising keyword demand. 


A Sophisticated Prediction Model

seoClarity's proprietary clickstream data, including 3+ years of data and 30+ billion keywords, allows a statistical modeling to calculate estimated search volume trends.  

After testing and refining for more than a year, it provides the freshest search volume data weeks, even months, before Google and other tools. 


A More Accurate View of Search Volume

  • Uncover search volume for keywords that Google stopped reporting in health, children, and other categories
  • Reverse an alarming rate of aggregated keyword variations search volume
  • Access to granular search volume data for singular vs plural, trending, and new keywords
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