Identify Real Opportunities with a Full View of Competitive Rankings

See top competitors and ranking data for every competitor URL to understand true competitors, reveal content gaps and discover new opportunities. Check data with a quick glance, review upward and downward ranking moves and correlate to changes and updates made on your competitors' sites.


Understanding the Competitive Landscape Has Never Been Simpler

Increase search visibility for your brand, products and content by identifying where your top competitors rank at scale. Leverage data for fast site analysis to uncover opportunities to expand and control your search landscape.

View Competitive Trends

Gain insight into on-page, off-page and ranking data for any competitor URL to understand what factors are driving traffic and revenue to your competitors and not to you.

Uncover Your True Competitors

Discover the real top ranking competitors and compare your gaps and overlaps from your search visibility to theirs.

Understand Your Competitors' Backlink Index

Access the industry's most comprehensive backlink index, powered by Majestic®, for visibility into your competitors' most powerful backlink relationships.


The Industry’s Most Complete Competitive Search Data

seoClarity’s proprietary competitive intelligence delivers unlimited competitor data. Through intuitive reporting, SEOs and marketers can gain deep, actionable insights into the competitive landscape to develop strategies to address content gaps and leverage current advantages to effectively compete in the search landscape.


With Competitive Ranking, SEOs can:

  • See the competitive landscape in a single view
  • Produce reports to see how top and universal competitors rank for keywords
  • View unlimited competitors
  • Track improvements and declines in competitor ranking
  • Understand page authority to gain visibility into competitors' domain strength
  • Customize reporting on-the-fly for the deepest insights
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