Proprietary Data Set

Includes 500+ million keywords rank check every single month

Global Reach

Retrieve data from 90+ countries with historical data going back 6 years

Device Agnostic

Both Google Desktop and Google Mobile for all keywords, rank checked every month


Collect, Manipulate, and Integrate Research Data

Conduct deep competitive research, assess your Total Addressable Market, overlay with other data sources or anything else you can dream of

Analysis Projects

Data scientists and engineers leverage this data to understand competitor gaps and growth strategies, overlay against their own data sources, and more.

Research Metrics

Users will be able to access the following for any domain or URL by month for keyword, search volume, estimated traffic, rank position, SERP title, and SERP meta.

Domains & URL Data

For any domain or URL, get a summary of keyword performance or detailed keywords driving the performance.


Your Data is Just a Click Away

Access via API key to enable querying of select metrics from our Research Grid keyword and URL research data 


Integrate with your Data Warehouse

Bring your rank tracking data into your custom data warehouse, BigQuery, or RedShift, with an API or FTP with custom data extracts.


Integrate with any BI Tool

Integrate with your business intelligence tool of choice, including BigQuery, Google Data Studio, Tableau, Domo, and more for a connected view of your competitors, URLs, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What business intelligence tools does seoClarity integrate with?

We integrate with a number of BI tools so you can have access to your data, your way. 

These include Big Query (which allows for your data to be connected with the likes of Google Data Studio, Tableau, Domo, and more), as well as RedShift, Amazon S3, Box, Snowflake, and Looker. 

With a subscription to seoClarity, an API key and/or token is included to make the process super easy. 

If you don't see your BI tool, don't worry! You can still have direct access to your data with an API or custom data extract.

More on BI tools integrations >

What can I send my data scientist team?

Data scientists are able to manipulate data in a number of ways. 

Slice, dice, and analyze the data in a way that makes sense for your business priorities

Manipulate the data to build out the story that you're looking to tell.

SEO Data for Data Scientists: Demonstrating the Power of seoClarity > 

How can I access more information about your API?

Full API documentation can be accessed from an Account Executive at seoClarity. In the meantime, here's access about the API supported filters, response code, and more.

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