Analyze your entire link profile. Track performance. Build valuable link relationships.

    Why settle for single-source link analysis? Backlinks in seoClarity leverages the world’s largest link index, powered by Majestic® and makes it easy to add other link indexes. Flexible and scalable with the deepest data, complete link analysis and insight at your fingertips in a single, unified view.


    Monitor Valuable Backlinks to Ensure Maximum Visibility

    Understand Each Link’s Impact on Performance

    Understand the effectiveness of current link relationships and find opportunities for new high-value industry-relevant links.

    Multi-Level Analysis

    Interactive reporting enables on-the-fly analysis of link value at the page, group and domain level.

    Customizable Link Profile Tracking

    Leverage that largest link index combined with proprietary sources and the ability to add additional popular link indexes for the most comprehensive link analysis in the world.

    Comprehensive & Personalized Link Data Analysis

    The Largest, Most Flexible Link Index Tool

    Combine your preferred link resources with the world’s largest index for a single-consolidated analysis and reporting tool.

    Proprietary Analysis Methodology

    Quick Identification of Industry Relevant Link Relationships

    Reduce effort and save time with our proprietary ‘Wisdom of the Crowds’ methodology that identifies high quality links.

    Multi-Level Site Review

    Analyze Links Where They’re Relevant

    Compare and analyze granular link data at the page, group or domain level to uncover new opportunities.

    Link Status Updates

    Prevent Bad Links

    Regular link recrawls report status changes and ensure the quality and validity of every link.

    “Risky” Link Identification

    Mitigate Risk and Track Disavows

    Actionable Insights find at-risk link profiles and offers custom flexibility to create and manage disavows.

    Link Reclamation

    Reclaim Link Equity

    Find broken links on your site – or your competitor’s site – to ensure the maximum value of every link.

    Content Distribution Tracker

    Understand the Impact of Content

    Track the success of infographics and press releases in generating new backlinks.

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