PM Digital is a leading full-service digital marketing agency that helps enterprise brands increase their online visibility through fully customizable services, proprietary technology, and hands-on industry expertise.

With offices across the country, their SEO practice serves clients across literally every vertical, including household brands in retail, education and finance. The company prides itself on sophistication and efficiency in all aspects of service.

Growing Pains

As PM Digital’s growth continued to skyrocket, they faced a real challenge of scaling and improving insightful reporting for their clients. PM Digital’s analysis and reporting methods were well beyond the capabilities of their existing tools—which were either not scalable or required too much manual intervention.

This led to the following key challenges:

  • Waste of valuable manpower in simply generating reports each month rather than providing insights (business intelligence vs. reporting)
  • Long delays in delivering reports to clients due to complexity and multiple data sources
  • Dependency on multiple resources throughout the agency to generate blended reporting, extending the time and effort required to deliver quality data and insights
  • Lengthy training times when on-boarding new team members

The agency needed a technology partner that could provide them sophisticated reports and insightful analysis across all their clients in an automated manner, be customizable so that they could continue to offer the quality and depth of reporting their clients were used to and be scalable to handle the volume of data for large enterprises.

As part of the process, PM Digital embarked on an evaluation of several SEO technology platforms in the market and the reporting and analytical capabilities of each one to find a partner that is “best of breed”.

The 3-month-long process focused not only on finding a company with the technology that could meet their needs today but a partner that was agile and could evolve and grow with their needs in the long run.

A Customizable, Scalable Solution

seoClarity prides itself on being the disruptive SEO technology platform changing how the industry thinks about scaling SEO. Rather than providing pre-canned reports, seoClarity empowers clients to analyze their data exactly how they would like to. No two agencies have the same methodologies and reporting formats and rather than try and force them to use some “standardized” template, seoClarity provides them the ability to use their existing reporting formats and visualizations.

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This fundamental difference in approach is what appealed to PM Digital during the course of their evaluation. The ability to have the platform customized to replicate their existing reports, scale it using a continuous stream of data from several channels and generate valuable insights for their clients made seoClarity the clear choice for PM Digital.

We chose seoClarity because we saw that they already had these existing sophisticated reporting capabilities in place."

-- Richard Chavez, PM Digital Vice President of SEO

seoClarity allows PM Digital to quickly compile relevant, robust, and easy to understand reports from the massive influx of data on their clients and their clients’ competitors.

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Customize Impressive Dashboards

PM Digital has the ability to create unlimited, customizable dashboards that offer each client powerful, individualized daily data that track KPIs, measure project and business unit performance, and paint a picture of the trends in their specific SEO landscape.

Dashboards pull in everything from real-time ranking data to competitor insights, scalable from high level for C-suite reporting to granular for the SEO team in a matter of seconds.

“Now my team isn’t spending time generating reports. Their time is spent analyzing data and providing strategic insights from the data compiled by seoClarity,” said Chavez.

As an added benefit, seoClarity offers the industry’s most granular permission settings to ensure that data is only shared with those who need to see it. PM Digital can allow any client into the platform with respective usernames and passwords.

“Giving our clients access to their report dashboards has greatly improved the communication flow between my staff and our clients,” said Chavez, further improving the efficiency of PM Digital’s reporting process.

With seoClarity, PM Digital was able to achieve:

  1. Sophisticated, customized reporting that matched their clients’ demanding SEO business intelligence needs
  2. More consistent timing of report delivery (within 48 hours of end of month)
  3. More frequent reporting to clients with both self-service logins for daily updates and more frequent reporting during the key holiday season
  4. Faster on-boarding for new team members
  5. Expanded SEO reporting capabilities and innovative cross-channel blended reporting

If you're an enterprise brand or digital marketing agency looking to achieve similar success, look no further than seoClarity to solve your marketing challenges. Schedule a demo today to build your dream dashboard and maximize efficiency across the board. 

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